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5 tips for choosing an online marketing agency

Questions you should ask yourself before choosing a marketing agency online

Whether the marketing department of your company is overextended and needs to outsource some tasks, like start thinking promoted on the Internet and need expert help to establish your online marketing plan, you'll probably be considering hiring a specialist digital marketing company in kolkata . But how to choose the appropriate?


Here are 5 tips:

Think of exactly what can help the online marketing agency.

The first step before contacting any agency is to establish what tasks you need to give you a hand. To focus the search, you should be clear about your promotional needs, so you can discard agencies as the services they offer, your reputation and tariffs.


Take a look at your website.

Enter the website of the agency and observe it from an aesthetic point of view. If this is the site of your company, would you be proud? Does it convey professionalism? Does the design is attractive? Is it adapted for viewing from mobile?

Now browsing the pages reading them over. Do you use keywords in the titles? Are there enough links and all work? Is the navigation is intuitive?

Remember that the goal of a website is not looking good, but to attract traffic and convert visitors into potential customers. Therefore, the website of a digital marketing agency (more than any other company) must comply with all requirements of conversion leads. If not, keep looking.


See its contents.

One of the key points (in fact, perhaps the most important point) when choosing a digital marketing agency is to read carefully the homepage: Is your message clear? Does it convey an image of what the agency and how it differs from the rest?

Investigate a little more and see what resources used to talk about themselves. As the experts in online marketing should be aware of the inbound methodology, the new way of online marketing that is not intrusive and is based on build credibility and establishes a good business reputation by providing information through many channels. Your online marketing agency, therefore at least should have a blog and share e Books, videos and other interactive tools.

Look also at the blog. Publish on a regular basis is one of the bases of the inbound marketing: If months ago that the Agency has not released anything or, indeed, if not update your blog at least twice a week, is a bad sign.

Social networks are another pillar of inbound marketing. Visit your social media account : have followers? How often they publish news? Is the media sharing motivate you to follow?

Now consider the general image of the Agency. All of this, what a feeling has left you? Its contents have a hook or are boring? The overall message is compelling or each channel goes to yours? On a scale of 1 to 10, would how eager you've been to see the website of another agency?

If an agency does not know marketing to promote itself, how you can promote your company?


Do not trust an agency that does not ask questions.

It is always comforting to see the portfolio of the company you want to hire, but let us be honest, the Agency will only teach you what you want to teach: his best work (and whether they have been tweaking to make it "perfect"!). Often also occurs that a company has both accommodated in the market, which neither bothers to study your case: believe to know so much that you speak "by experience", without making you questions and assuming things that can apply to a sector or a business in particular but not for your particular case.

When you get in contact with selected, ask agencies about its methodology. How do you plan to develop your visual image? What tools inbound marketing used to analyze the data in your campaigns? Would they accept introduce a draft online marketing plan for your company?

Your online marketing agency must demonstrate that it is able to think critically about your goals .


Be guided by your intuition.

The last recommendation, but not the least is to assess the intangible aspects of selection: there is chemistry between you, your company and the agency? Do you think there is a good communication will allow the ideas to flourish? Does the spirit and style of work of the agency are similar to yours and your company?

When you invest in an agency, you're starting an almost personal relationship. You spend a lot of time talking to their representatives, so you should feel comfortable with them.

In any case, these recommendations are just that, suggestions that we believe can help narrow down the search process. Probably the most useful will be to select your online marketing agency is looking well and decide which one preaches by example: through its own marketing you are offering a sample if they are really able to help you or not.

Post by ascent (2016-08-04 15:40)

Tags: online marketing agency

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