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Back yard design - landscaping ideas, furniture and decoration

If you are lucky enough to have a backyard, you are facing a whole world of landscaping and decoration opportunities. Depending on your specific needs and personal preferences, you can turn it into an open-air serenity refuge, an amusement area, a square vegetable garden, among others.

The backyard layout offers many creative ideas and all you have to do is look at our list and choose the most suitable solutions to implement at home.

Backyard design in Japanese mini garden

As for the backyard layout, there are many styles to consider. You can go with a minimalist concrete deck or opt for traditional aesthetics with wooden furniture. Somewhere in the middle, one finds the magnificent Japanese style. Little maintenance, millennial landscaped art, and modern air - what do you want from more than a contemporary backyard? Decorative Tip: Bamboo furniture and palisades add a touch of exoticism to the yard, while gravel and sand create a nice, maintenance-free ground.

Modern backyard layout - surround yourself with greenery!

This backyard designed by Todhunter Earle Interiors has 2 important advantages to be sure to mention. The modern style of furniture impresses with its straight lines, monochromatic textures and smooth surfaces. This type of purist furniture is actually very easy to put together. The other trump is the beautiful greenery. Trees and bushes in planters create a living environment all around the backyard giving life to the integral design.

Summer kitchen, outdoor dining area, and garden furniture

This backyard via Elle Decor looks super friendly and offers everything that is needed to spend quality time with family or receive guests. The back yard terrace has a well-equipped summer kitchen for barbecues, but also for taking some aperitif with friends, thanks to the bar and the high practical tools. We have the outdoor dining room to enjoy the fresh air while dining and talking and of course - the comfortable garden lounge to rest afterward. An exemplary rear yard arrangement in terms of socialization and hedonism!

Inspiring design ideas

Given the limited space, the successful backyard layout depends mainly on the proper management of available square meters. The layout of the terrace, flowerbeds, borders and aisles should not be random. Professionals by Foras Studio are masters in terms of space optimization in the backyard, as can be seen from the photo above. Their mini-landscapes are aesthetic, easy to maintain, and there is nothing missing from the large garden, such as the patio, walkways, flowerbeds, hedges and trees.

Smart ideas on easy-care landscaping, furniture, and lighting

Regardless of the space available, in the backyard layout, it is important to visualize its future garden or corner of relaxation in order to succeed. This will allow you to avoid a lot of mistakes and stick to the plan. This long and narrow backyard, which is very often the case, is set up by New Eco Landscape Design & Build and represents a reference to the better use of space and easy access.

Original dream backyard design via Lighting Decorate

The set-up of the backyard should not conform to the standards and ideas of others. Take a look at this amazing design and let your imagination run wild. Designers by Lighting Decorate have used curved lines to create dynamic and an abundance of different materials to highlight various functional areas.

Functional zoning is essential in backyard layout

In this regard, so-called functional zoning is essential in rear yard layout. This is how designers by New Eco Landscape Design & Build have tackled dividing space and have created 3 stand-alone corners for separate activities. The paved terrace accommodates a kitchen, dining area, and a garden furniture, all in assorted wood, but all with some unique accent.

Gently sloping ground with black wooden terrace and outdoor jacuzzi

The backyard layout on a sloping ground is a real challenge. But this is not the case with this contemporary space designed by Michael Kramer and Karen Kramer. The use of black wood for the terrace and the addition of an outdoor jacuzzi transform this courtyard into an exclusive relaxation area. Photo credit - Olga Soboleva.

Idea on multi - level backyard layout

Once the difficulties have been overcome, it is notably the different levels that cause the aesthetic effect of the sloping garden. In this example by Art in Green, the asymmetrical earthwork, the different materials for the flooring and the water rooms create a modern and welcoming atmosphere at the same time.

Marriage of concrete and wood, since the opposites attract

About mismatched materials, the combination of concrete and wood is perfect for a modern garden, like the one above by Design Trends. Fresh concrete is easy to mold into the shape of a low wall or fireplace, while warm wood is well suited for garden benches, stair steps and so on. As they say, who resembles oneself or the opposites attract one another!

Landscaping of modern backyard - view from above

Whatever your budget, your back yard layout would not be complete if it lacks green landscape. This beautiful space by Mark Tessier proves that its design does not have to be super elaborate and complex to look aesthetic and original. It turns out that the mastery of space and good taste are the most powerful weapons here.

More freshness without amputating space? Think by the vertical!

One of the most common mistakes made in backyard layout is thought only by the horizontal. Indeed, experienced landscape designer, like some at Draw Home, are familiar with vertical vegetation and use it quite often. They use it astutely to maximize the green space and make things more interesting. Its major advantage is quite obvious - one gets more freshness without amputating space!

Backyard facilities for adults and children to enjoy

Landscapers by Eldridge London have adopted a very original approach to the backyard layout on several levels. They have opted for a variety of flowerbeds in the shape of triangles and other polygons which allow having a lot of greenery, even when space is restricted. It is also a child-friendly space with its superb slide and sandbox. Photo Credit- Lyndon Douglas.

A vegetated wall in the backyard - the most dramatic backdrop!

The two previous ideas are put together in one design and brought to the next level by Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders. Apart from the superb earthworks, we have a fabulous vegetated wall. It is true that the vertical gardens are among the most dramatic canvases of landscaped garden and backyard layout! Photo Credit- David Gast

Artistic back yard development to create a "cascade" garden

Why have only one terrace in the backyard when you can get 3? This project by Fossey Arora Design is simply awesome! The designers have created a labyrinth of nooks and crannies where you can relax while your children can play hide and seek. Photo Credit- Blooming Photography.

Backyard similar loft industrial chic - superb textures and "floor" in mezzanine

This is an idea to pick for owners of houses with two or more floors and duplexes with the backyard. New Eco Landscape Design & Build set up a red brick deck at the bottom of the balcony and surrounded it with lush greenery. This backyard layout is super creative and, in its entirety, reminiscent of a chic industrial loft with its superb textures and mezzanine floor.

Back Yard without lawn with palm trees, fireplace, and slabs with vegetal foam joints

By the way, a garden does not need grass to be impressive. The lawless backyard, like the Design Line Builds, is almost maintenance-free and looks great. With its geometric levels, modern fireplace and large concrete slabs with vegetal joints, this court pleads for minimalism! Photo by Matthew Millman Photography

Post by ascent (2017-03-18 04:52)

Tags: landscaping ideas

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