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Do You Know These 7 Easy Cleaning Tips?

Does your house looks messy and dirty and you don’t get enough time to clean them out? Well, there are the quality cleaning services to help you with the same but it’s always better to clean by yourself.

Here, I am going to tell you the easy cleaning tips that can greatly help you to restore the shine to your everyday objects.

1.      Clean a leather sofa

Over time, your living room leather loses its shine after cleaning. Your sofa and your Chair become dull. So you are looking for a solution that does not remove the leather? Allow a bit of water, a microfiber cloth, SOAP from Marseille and body milk. Bring back a shot of young to your couch or your leather chair by following the cleaning tip shown in the video. Watch!

2.      Rescale the kettle

The scale at the bottom of your Kettle won't leave? Looking so an effective trick to get rid of this stubborn white? Rather than investing in a decaling agent, you opt for the grandmother stuff. This video is made for you. Discover the best technique of decaling of coffee maker with white vinegar. This ecological 100% solution has been proven.

3.      Clean the microwave oven

Projections of food have clogged the inside walls of your oven? Looking so a grandmother tricks to remove soil? You want especially a cleaning technique not requiring too much effort? Learn video how to clean a microwave in white vinegar. Finished puzzle hours to restore luster to your microwave oven. Everything is played in Cup of sponge soaked in white vinegar. Demonstration on video!

4.      Clean a stainless steel Pan

No Bowl to eliminate the task of burning on a pot? You are out of means without so far appearance with this tool of origin? No need to panic! The magic formula is preparing to bake. This cleaner has been proven over time. Discover in this video tip from Grandma to clean your stainless steel pan. After a few shots of handles, your cookware will be its brilliance.

5.      Clean the flat screen

Dust accumulates on your TV? Traces of fingers are placed on the screen? You want to clean your TV, but you are afraid of damaging it? Discover in this video flat screen cleaning technique. Need you just a soft cloth and a cloth microfiber and a little liquid cleaner. You start with a dusting with a soft cloth. You then pass the proper cleaning. Demonstration on video!

6.      Dry cleaning of carpets and carpet

Cleaned with water, a rug or carpet requires some time to dry. The fibers may even break. Also, it is better to opt for a dry cleaning. In this way, you have a clean carpet in a blink of an eye. Dust and animal hair, if you have one, will go without difficulty. But, how? It's simple; locate baking soda and a soft bristle brush. Of course, you should also be your vacuum cleaner. As to their mode of use, simply follow the video!

7.      Clean silverware

Silver darkens with time. A careful maintenance of the silver coins is necessary then. Still need to know to maintain them with the right product. In this video, a specialist book grandmother tips to clean silverware. No need to make unnecessary expenditures for cleaner specific, simple toothpaste is sufficient. You can also use bicarbonate. Using these techniques, your silverware will shine again.

Remember, the godliness stays in cleanliness and without a clean house and premises you can’t ensure ether wellness of your loved ones as well. Hence, it is always advice to keep your house and premises clean to avoid the unwanted health problems.

Post by ascent (2015-12-11 23:25)

Tags: Cleaning Tips cleaning services

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