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Hair Extensions

Nowadays it is common for women to make use of hair extensions. Before people used to believe that only models and actresses made use of hair extensions especially when they used to attend red carpet events. However with passage of time many women have started using hair extensions as they have the urge to uplift their looks, enhance the beauty of their hair and even increase their length. For the kind of look you desire it is necessary to have an experienced hair stylist who can provide good hair extensions.

Where as, hair transplant is a solution to gain permanent hair. Turkey is a place where a person can get this surgery at affordable cost. He/she can get the best price for Turkey hair transplant from expert hair doctors.

What does hair extension mean?

Hair extension are artificial hair which are attached to the natural hair so as to increase the length of the hair or give it fullness or both length and fullness. Different types of hair extensions which are available are gluing, weaving, braiding and clipping. Extensions can be used to color the hair or highlight it. Positive thing about hair extensions is that there is no pain involved during the whole procedure.

Hair extensions are available in various methods so anyone who is interested in having an extension can choose according. Which hair extension is suitable for you depends entirely on your hair type, scalp, budget, preference and lifestyle. Before reaching the decision about which method to use, you should check out the different methods of extension and find out from an experienced extensionist about the most desirable method. Methods differ in the way they are prepared, techniques used in the hair attachments and the type of hair used in the hair extension. Even the name and material may differ in some. It should be understood that the hair can be damaged by the use of any method of hair extension if it is not done properly. We can reduce the risks of hair damage by getting the extension done from a professional, certified and experienced extensionist.

Due to the growth of popularity of hair extension, the markets were flooded with stylists and businesses diving into this venture. It may look like homework but you must investigate about the different methods of extension before choosing one. There are many different methods and brands which are available in the market and it really confuses the people. Newer techniques are being developed also. People envy other's hair extension and can always make the mistake of getting the same done. This is not the way it is done. There is no guarantee that the same method will work for you perfectly if it has worked for others well. Before copying another person it makes sense to consult a professional. You need to have an idea about what works for your hair and is suitable for you.

You can choose your method from a long list of hair extensions. They include clip-on/ clip-in hair extension, tape in method, sealing and bonding method, weft hair extension, fusion, netting method, micro loops (micro rings), tracking, lace fronts and much more.

These are the methods which are commonly used:

Tape in method of hair extension lasts for around 4 to 8 weeks on the hair. Combing and washing can be done with this type of hair extension while it is worn. You can use a brush or a comb to brush the hair gently downwards. The extension is installed by using liquid adhesive and removed by the use of glue remover.

Clip-on/ Clip-in is a popular and versatile method. It is a popular method because it is very easy to apply the extension as well as remove it. The extension has to be removed while going to sleep. The only problem with it is that the clips are easily noticed in this method especially in women who have thin hair.

In sealing and bonding method glue is applied on the hair that is wefted and also to the natural hair. For bonding special adhesives for hair are used so that the natural hair does not get damaged. This type of extension last for around 4 to 6 weeks and it does not require any specific maintenance.

Fusion method of extension delivers weaves that are very natural looking. By using this method you are able to wash your hair frequently and can also use hair products. This method causes damage to the hair as various chemicals are present in the glue which can cause scalp irritation and hair loss.

Weft extension is a method that consists of a track that has many inches where hair is attached. The extension is applied in a row and it is not done strand by strand.

Usually extensions take about 2 to 6 months before they are damaged or broken. The speed of the hair growth is entirely responsible for the replacement and maintenance of the extension. It is possible to reuse the hair extension depending on its quality and the care given to it. The cost of hair extension is not cheap but it is affordable. The hair extension cost will range between few hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars and this does not include the maintenance costs.

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