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Identity Guard Bad Reviews and Complaints

Identity Guard is a product of Intersections Inc which is produced to offer protection once only accessible to customers of main economic institutions. As a leading supplier of personal and business identity risk management services‚ Identity Guard provides best identity theft‚ privacy, and customer solutions. Conversely, Identity Guard does have some drawbacks. People faced various problems by using it although it is good to use and they have given bad reviews about Identity Guard, who are using or have used it.  The main problems or shortcomings of Identity guard can be summarized as:

  • Customer Confusion Concerning Credit Reporting
  • No Credit Freezes
  • No Fraud Alerts

Customers who hired Identity Guard product to control their identity after their information was stolen in a breach were in for a surprise identity. Identity Guard does not sufficiently protect your data.

According to some reports, Identity Guard has not complied with an agreement requiring the company to establish and preserve an all-inclusive security program to protect users of personal data sensitive entrusted to the company as part of its security service identity theft.


This is ironic, of course, because Identity Guard promotes its services to companies that suffer data breaches and urges them to offer a free subscription to Identity Guard people whose data has been engaged in the gap. To properly control credit accounts of victims to protect themselves against identity theft, Identity Guard requires a lot of confidential information, including names and addresses, birth dates, social security numbers and credit card information.

Protecting that data should be a primary concern for Identity Guard, especially in light of the fact that many of its consumers have already been victims of a theft incident.

For an annual subscription fee, Identity Guard promised that customers put fraud alerts on your credit with the three credit reporting agencies. As a result, the company said the thieves would not be able to open bank accounts or credit authorized on their behalf.

Some people complaint that promises were misleading because thieves can still accumulate unauthorized charges on the existing accounts. The most common type of identity theft. It could not prevent thieves from getting a loan in the name of an Identity Guard customer.

Identity Guard also promised customers that sensitive data have been provided to the company to carry out its protection would be encrypted and protected in other ways in the Identity Guard server and accessed only by authorized personnel need to know.

They also promised that the documents of customers, while in our care, will be treated as if they were money. But it turned out that none of the data has been encrypted. The company also had bad password management practices for employees and providers who have had access to information, and could not Identity Guard restrict access to sensitive data only to people who needed access.

The company did not apply to patches network security and critical updates and did not take sufficient measures to detect and prevent unauthorized access to your network, as with the install antivirus or antispyware software on computers used by employees remote access to the network or regularly record and review activities on the network.

As a result of these practices, an unauthorized person may have access to personal information stored on the corporate network defendants, defendants in transit through the corporate network or the Internet, or maintained in offices defendants.

If you care about protecting your personal information, you may consider the possibility to pay in exchange for protection services against identity theft. But before paying a fee evaluates the company and its history. Enter company name or product in a search engine with words such as review, complaint or scam.

Post by ascent (2016-03-10 11:09)

Tags: Identity Guard

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