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On-Page SEO Tips to Take Website on Top

When dealing with SEO, the advice is never enough! For this reason, I am presenting you best SEO tips from my experience, which will help your site to come up on Google and other search engines. You can also use several tool such this particular free SEO tool to get assisted in your on-page activities of your websites.

The following actions are classified in the on-site SEO, those that you can do within your site and you have to do with titles, links etc.

Let's see them in detail!


1.  Make sure the site you are simple and user-friendly.

2.  Create small and descriptive title tags for each page of your site, maximum 70 characters.

3. Attended periodically changes in Google's algorithm and make sure to update your site accordingly (if required).

4.  Take care of security issues of your website, as Google like those sites where user feel safe to put their credit card.

5.  The loading time of a page is a key parameter in Google's algorithm for ranking in search results. Use a plug-in or extension for page caching, such as WP Super Cache for WordPress

6.  Identify the practices followed by the top sites in your niche and customize your website accordingly. Try to be better than the best sites.

7.  Choose a reputed web hosting.

8.  be sure to frequently receiving the backup of your site. Though this is not related to SEO but it is surely a good practice to have an alternate in case of security breach.

9.  Create an XML Sitemap.

10.  Pay attention to the code structure of your site, in order to avoid errors in HTML.

11.  Keep updated the page with your contact details which shows that your site is real and is preferred by search engines.

12.  Avoid pop-ups in the mobile version of the site. It is likely to experience difficulties in their closing and not to keep the user on your site.


13.  Choose URL structure such as or and stick with just one version.

14.  If you want to include a keyword in your domain name then place it in the beginning.

15. Use an SSL Certificate for the safety of the site and ensure your listing to Google.

16.  Make the appropriate settings to your internal links open in the same browser's tab, while external links you use, in a different.

17.  Try to form the URLs that do not exceed 100 characters.

18.  Use keywords in permalinks of your site, and take a significant account by Google

19.  If the permalink contains more than one word, used for separating the hyphens (-) and not underscores (_).

20. Check reproduced pages of your site via the Google Webmaster Tools. Their promotion through a site with a good reputation gives positive signals to search engines.

21. Make sure that all the pages of your site being connected by internal links.

22. Show in your homepage the most important pages of the site, you want to visit someone when it reaches to you.


23. Small titles within the pages: 6-8 words are enough.

24. Start your article with a title that will grab the interest of the visitor / reader.

25.  Try to create a title in question.


26. Your first concern in the design of content should be quality.

27. be sure to create texts targeted to the user.

28. Often renews the content of your website.

29. Avoid the over categories to your posts, If each post has one or two categories, is enough.

30. If you can spend some money, use the service of Pay Per Click Google AdWords, since it can offer your much traffic from targeted keywords.

31. Create videos that the user will follow pleasantly. It is another way to keep a low bounce rate.

32. Include infographics or GIFs in your writings. A user will share an image more easily than what a text.

33. Start a blog about your site.


34.  Make sure, where possible, your pictures should be unique on the internet.

35. Reduce the size of images you upload.

36. Use an image with keywords that describe exactly.

37. Do not forget the Alt text!

38. Avoid using Flash; it may not work in the mobile version.


39.  Add a plug-in for SEO on your site, such as the Yoast SEO for WordPress sites

40. Meta title of each post must not exceed 60 characters and Meta description to 160 characters.

Post by ascent (2016-01-01 11:32)

Tags: seo on-page seo free seo tools

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