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Seven Travel Tips for Fun in Ibiza


In a small suitcase, we have gathered seven tips of all kinds Ibiza Guide that can be useful during a visit to Ibiza.


Ibiza Always On: Ibiza is much more than sun and beach and there are countless things to do and see throughout the day. Sunsets, lively terraces, and discos sports activities.


Plan the trip well: Would you know what you can do during your trip? Here is a small travel guide our favorite places, such as parks, sites for shopping, restaurants, beach bars, the best places to see the sunset


Beaches: With 210 km of coastline and dozens of beaches and coves, Ibiza has everything. From beaches up with glamor as Cala Jondal, Cala Bassa or Ses Salines, to other paradises and ideal to see the sunset as Cala Comte. The north of the island, in the area of Sant Joan and Santa Eulària, tend to be quieter. Some of them even in summer have little people. To find the best time to go to every beach we must also fix in time. When the wind blows from the north is best to visit the South and vice versa. In the coves west, the sun sets later.


Scroll through Ibiza: The truth is that it is more advisable to get around the island is to rent a car. Public transport (buses) works well on some routes but if you really want to know Ibiza in depth the best is to have Car. Although you will find many online offers should carefully read the booking conditions. The taxi is more expensive but is also an option. Opt always by officers, because illegal aliens do not comply with the rules and if you have any problems you cannot claim.

When it comes to lunch or dinner: In Ibiza you can eat very well because there are a variety of restaurants and Hotels in Ibiza of all kinds of cuisine available in every price. You can taste dishes from all over the world and also local recipes that you must not miss.


Shopping in the center market: In a few years, Ibiza has grown both the center market and on the roads in terms of shopping options. Products of the island from clothes to vintage furniture are best of all.

Another attraction of Ibiza is the markets. Do not miss them because in them you can find the hippest essence of the island, with all kinds of products from all over the world. Some of the essential are those of Las Dalias, it is Canar and the port of Ibiza. Every day there are lots of tourist visit in the market.


If you are a fan of the bike: The island has very beautiful landscape, so the bike routes are highly recommended. That Yes, it is advisable to make them day and care in paths that are on the road, because in summer there is a lot of traffic. Otherwise, if you want a guide in your excursions, a good option is to hire a guide.

Ibiza is not only a destination for sun and beach. Culturally, the island is a place with lots of history. It has been declared a World Heritage Site by the walled area of Dalt Vila, the Phoenician settlement of Sa Caleta and natural values such as sea grasses. It also has interesting museums such as the MACE (Contemporary Art Museum) or the interpretation center of Muslim Ibiza Yabisah, the Archaeological Museum, and the Puget Museum. There are also some natural parks such as ses Salines (salt ponds, species such as flamingos) or reserves like Cala d'Hort, which includes islands of great natural wealth, including Vedrà.

Post by ascent (2016-11-15 03:02)

Tags: Hotels in Ibiza

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