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Tech Startup Trends: From Hot Desking to Short Term Office Space

Hot desking is a term for the practice of temporarily occupying an office workspace. The term can be used to refer to a businessman renting a temporary office space or can refer to shared desktop arrangements such as those used in busy phone call centers. Businesses and individuals can save money on office rental and access office space on the highway with hot desking. 

 Typically, office spaces used for hot tables have some equipment already available to the office user. Some temporary office spaces include computers and telephones available, while some simply have a data link or Internet connection available for executives working with their own equipment. Some hot-desking office workers use the same space several times, but share the desktop with other workers and remove personal items and tools when they go. Offices that offer this type of temporary space usually also offer space on a server or personal storage space. 

Advantages of hot desking include reduced office costs, networking opportunities and access to private office space reserved away from home. Because the average employee is at your desk less than a third of the time, companies can benefit from using hot desking in their workforce since it makes use of desks that they do not occupy. Some companies only use shared desktop fixtures during business seasons when taking on an additional temporary workforce. 

Shared office spaces with shared computers, computer interface devices, and telephones can act as ports for viruses and bacteria that cause illnesses such as colds and flu. With many users using a computer, if the computer is not secured and maintained carefully, viruses can compromise the security of all users on the workstation. High-traffic shared office spaces such as those found in tight call centers may be particularly susceptible to the distribution of the disease. 

Short Term Renting Office Space

Every entrepreneur knows the time when to settle in offices, whether to gather his team, to welcome his clients, or simply to leave his house. But when you are a startup or you own a company that is still in its infancy, engaging in a commercial lease for 3 years can be binding. Fortunately, several solutions exist flexible office rental options in the city.

The Classic Commercial Lease versus Flexible Office Rental

The lease 3/6/9 is the classic lease of office rental. Originally created to protect tenants from the volatility of landlords, this form of lease commits both parties over 3 years, 6 years or 9 years. An offer not adapted to growing companies, especially startups, whose HR needs can double or even triple in less than a year.

Conversely, a flexible contract allows keeping a certain freedom in the future, with monthly or weekly offers. So you can start your activity with a small team, and grow at the desired speed without having to calculate your future needs in terms of a number of positions.

Ultra-Flexible Rental, an Emerging Trend

With the emergence of startups and freelancers, the demand in terms of workspaces has changed enormously. We have moved from a model where stability is required, to a model where extra flexibility is becoming more and more important. Thus, it is becoming less and less rare to see spaces that offer a workstation by month, by week, by day, or even by time.

Post by ascent (2017-01-28 10:25)

Tags: flexible office rental options in the city

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