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Things You Should Know About Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are considered the high-end of bedding. An incomparable sleep comfort, boost the advertisements. And high prices, sometimes even prohibitive. What to know before you buy?

What is Shape Memory?

The shape memory is provided by a layer of viscoelastic and thermosensitive foam, more or less thick and more or less dense depending on the model. This material reacts to the heat of the body, it softens gradually to adapt to the morphology and to conform to its contours. It is called a shape memory because it resumes its initial shape at the slightest change of position of the sleeper before re-adapting to its new position.

With What Type Of Mattress?

Viscoelastic foam can cover all types of mattresses. Memory mattresses can be spring, latex or foam. The shape memory layer is in principle placed on both sides when the mattress is reversible but it is not systematic, it is a point to check before the purchase.

The Shape Memory Effect

The shape memory offers customized, foam adapts to the morphology, it effectively espouses the body of the sleeper for an enveloping effect and the movements are damped smoothly. These characteristics ensure a very good independence of coating. It is ideal to sleep for two, you can move without disturbing the person sharing his bed or spend a peaceful night without being awakened by his movements.

On the other hand, the body is so well wedged and wrapped that the movements become difficult, changing position is not self-evident. The lack of dynamism is a characteristic of these mattresses, it is necessary to buy knowingly to avoid the bad surprises. The higher the density of the shape memory foam, the more difficult the changes in position.

Two Features

Unlike other mattresses, shape memory models are sensitive to the ambient temperature of the room. The foam can harden if it is cold, or soften if it is very hot.

Memory foam mattresses are less breathable than other mattresses, so viscoelastic foam makes the ventilation of the different layers of the mattress more difficult. It is an element to be taken into account by people who perspire during their sleep.

The Large Price Gap

The price of memory mattresses makes a big difference. It is a matter of marketing positioning, materials more or less noble, finishes more or less neat, but in no case intrinsic qualities of mattresses. The most expensive models are not the best ranked. The high-end price is by no means a guarantee of comfort or optimized support.

Shape Memory OR Not?

With the exception of a test from supplements, the laboratory test protocol and evaluation are strictly identical. Comparing the results can be instructive before you decide. Here you can read more on why pick up memory foam mattress?

Post by ascent (2017-03-19 10:02)

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